Frequently Asked Questions

1. I received my badge in advance. Do I need to get accreditation in place?

No. Early badge allows entering the event without the need to make new register in the accreditation desk.

2. I did not receive my badge by mail, what should I do?

If you do not receive your badge until the day of the event, you can make your pre-registration for free on the event website and print your credential in self-service totems made available at the entrance of the fair.

3. Can I make the accreditation at the place of event?

Yes, but to facilitate your entry, we recommend that you make your pre-registration through the website. You can then issue your badge through the self-service totems located at the entrance of the fair.

4. Is the entry of minors allowed?

For security reasons it is not allowed the entry of those aged under 16 years, except for nursing babies.

5. Can I enter the event wearing sleeveless shirt, flip-flops and shorts?

No. We recommend the use of closed clothing and shoes to visit the fair.

6. Is students’ entry allowed?

Yes, the student entry is allowed, respecting the minimum age restriction of 16 years old.

7. How do I get to the event?

Subway: The event offers vans near the Jabaquara station, from one hour before, until one hour after the operation of the fair. Follow us on social networks to check the updated boarding address.

Taxi: Taxi centers are available in the periods of fair. From the subway station, you can take a taxi to São Paulo Expo.

For more information, click here 

8. Does the event have on-site parking?

Yes, the event has parking for over 4,500 vehicles. The table with the official prices can be found at

9. Do I receive a Certificate of Participation?

No Certificates of Participation will be issued for visitors to the event.

10. Will there be lockers on site?

Yes. The event offers lockers located at the entrance of the fair.

All the visitors and exhibitors can use the services of Malex to store their belongings and walk through the fair with all practicality and comfort.

Amount: R$ 20.00 (twenty reais) per volume.

Forms of Payment: Cash and Debit or Credit Card.

Will be accepted: Bags, backpacks and bags.

Not allowed: Loose handbags and wallets for security measures.

Malex hours: from 10am to 6pm (every day).

11. Are there ATMs on site?

No, this service is not available on site.

12. Does the place have internet access and sockets?

No, these services are not available on site.